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Safety of Children and Vulnerable Adults

Statement of Commitment

The overarching commitment of the Diocese of Sale in relation to the safety of children and vulnerable adults is summarised in this document.      

  folder Sale Diocese - Statement of Commitment (438 kB)

pdf  Sale Diocese - Statement of Commitment - Poster (264.67 kB)

Code of Conduct

This document provides a broad scope account of appropriate actions and behaviours for persons involved in diocesan and Parish ministry.      

pdf  Sale Diocese - Code of Conduct (718.63 kB)

Reporting Process

The emphasis of this document outlines how breaches and matters of concern should be dealt with in Parishes and the Diocesan Office. It includes contact phone numbers and an easy to understand flow chart for reporting misconduct and abuse.                 

pdf  Sale Diocese - Reporting Process (775.46 kB)

pdf  Sale Diocese - Reporting Flowchart (246.21 kB)

Click here to access Pope Francis’ homily on Child Abuse, 2014

Click here to access the Transcript of Pope Francis’ Apology to Church Victims of Sexual Abuse, 2015


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Catholic Diocese of Sale
PO Box 1410, Warragul 3820
Location: Sion House, 6 Witton St., Warragul
Phone: 03 5622 6600 
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