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Many awards to Catholic Life

The multi-award winning Catholic Life is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Sale.

It has consistently proved to be a leader in its field by being judged the best regional religious publication in Australia and New Zealand by the Australasian Religious Press Association on three occasions since 2004. It has also won 17 other awards over the past 14 years.

It began as a free tabloid publication in November 1997 as a replacement for a low circulation paid publication, Sale Catholic Life, which ran for 10 years from March 1985 to early 1995.

The name Catholic Life was adopted because is summed up what the newspaper would be about - the life of Catholic parishes and people and those associated with our extensive Catholic school system.


Catholic Life is produced by editor Colin Coomber of the Catholic Media Office. He is the sole employee responsible for the newspaper, who writes the stories, takes photos, sells and makes up the advertisements, does all editing and produces camera-ready pages for the printer. Other duties include being communications officer and media advisor for the bishop and the various diocesan agencies. He is also part-time executive officer of the diocese's charitable arm Trinity Families.


Catholic Life currently distributes around 16,300 copies every issue within Sale Diocese with a free copy going to every family with a child at a Catholic primary school or secondary college. Other copies are available free to be picked up at Masses by those who do not have children within the school system.

The primary distribution area stretches from Phillip Island and the rapidly growing outer Melbourne suburbs of Narre Warren, Hallam and Cranbourne in the west, to the NSW border in the east.


Catholic Life is published 6 times a year,  in the middle of even numbered months. 
In 2018 the relevant deadlines and publication dates are:
February 5 deadline for February 14 publication.
April 9 deadline for April 18 publication.
June 4 deadline for June 13 publication.
August 6 deadline for August 16 publication.
October 1 deadline for October 10 publication.
December 3 for December 12 publication.




Our advertising rates are highly competitive and offer great value for money with an estimated 45,000 readers every issue.

  • Display advertisements
    Casual - $8.80 per column centimetre (NB: No extra charge for full color or production)
    ($8 for advertisers who are part of the ATO GST-exempt Catholic network)
    Full colour available all pages.
    Further discounts are available for regular advertisers, charities and religious orders.
  • Classified advertisements
    Run-on classifieds for $10 minimum for up to 24 words, then $1.10 for every additional six words of part thereof. Photo classieds are the basic lineage rate plus $10. Display classifieds are $8.80 per column centimetre. All classifieds must be paid for before publication.
  • Inserts
    Inserts can be placed in Catholic Life for 11 cents a copy which at current circulation is around $1972 for a full run. Generous discounts are available to organisations, which place more than one insert in the calendar year. This rate relates to inserts which can be machine inserted and further charges will apply if the insert is of a size which requires hand insertion.


Catholic Life is a  five column  tabloid newspaper with each page being 38cm deep and 26.1cm (62 ems) wide. Each column is 49mm wide and has a 4mm gutter between columns.


Catholic Life has been judged the best regional publication in Australia and New Zealand at the Australasian Religious Press Association  award  in 2010, 2007 and 2004. It was runner-up in 2005 and 2008.

It has also enjoyed success in the annual Australasian Catholic Press Association awards where it has been judged best regional publication in 2006, 2004, 1998 and 1997. It was highly commended in 2002.

In August 2004 Catholic Life achieved the rare, possibly unique,  distinction of being judged in the same year to be the best regional publication in Australia and New Zealand by both the Australasian Religious Press Association and Australasian Catholic Press Association. It is the only time that a single publication has won both prestigious regional awards in the one year.

It has also received several other awards and high commendations in other categories at both the ARPA and  ACPA awards, including best front page and best feature story. At the 2009 ACPA awards in Sydney, an article by editor Colin Coomber about his parents losing their home to the Black Saturday bushfires on his father's 85th birthday won the award for Best Feature Story.


Australia $15. 

Subscription period calendar year. Please contact for pro-rata rate.


For further information on submitting articles, advertising or quotes please contact the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone (03) 5622 6688 

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