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Catholic Education Office

ceo2The Catholic Education Office was set up in the Diocese of Sale in 1972 following a recommendation from the Diocesan Education Advisory Council (DEAC). A room was made available for the purpose in the Sion College building in Warragul. Fr John Readman was appointed Director and in 1973, Mr Terry Synan was appointed the CEO's first Administrative Director.

Role of the Catholic Education Office
The Catholic Education Office (CEO) provides educational, managerial, financial, curriculum and administrative services to the Catholic primary and secondary schools in the Diocese under the leadership of the Director, Maria Kirkwood. It also provides resources and in-service facilities and, through the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV), co-ordinates educational programs and policies applicable to Catholic schools generally. It works in partnership with Parish Priests and Canonical Administrators.

The CEO provides representation on behalf of schools to other education authorities and institutions, to government instrumentalities and to the wider community.

The Catholic Education Office attempts to realise the goals of any good education Office but with the added dimension of serving within a framework which guarantees its Christian character.

The CEO has a separate web site accessible at

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