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The Catholic Diocese of Sale was created in 1887 and covers the south-east of the state of Victoria. While mainly rural, its western end encompasses the rapidly growing outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Incumbent Bishop is the Most Rev. Patrick O'Regan who was ordained as the ninth Bishop of Sale in 2015.


Plenary Council 2020- our preparation

 Diocesan Assembly and Pilgrimage 


Stewardship program - Warragul and Drouin

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Warragul-Drouin Community Weekend

Welcome to week three of our Parish Stewardship Program.

This week celebrates the role of our parish as a community of faith – as an authentic community where people are welcomed, known and loved.

It is a place of care, support and outreach – with a clear mission to live the values of the Gospel.

This means that we all have a responsibility to use our gifts and talents for the benefit of others – making our time available to be involved in one of our many groups and ministries.  We all have a contribution to make – so have a look at the “Groups & Ministries” list to see what best suits you.

At Masses this weekend we will hear from members of the Parish Leadership team who will talk about the impact our faith and our parish has made in their lives and how important it is for us all to make our contributions to parish life.

Fr Peter Slater

Parish Priest


Leadership Team thoughts

Q: Why is it important to be actively involved in Parish Groups and Ministries?

“To give back to the Parish and God”

“As people we have a need to be in communities to help with loneliness and give life a purpose”

“Putting my faith to work, keeps it real.  I get back more than I give”

“Our Parish Groups and Ministries breathe life into our parish but it is People who breathe life into those groups and ministries.  We can only truly be the body of Christ if we do it together”

“To continue the work of Jesus in our community; reaching out to others: family friends, people we meet”

“The church cannot run on prayer alone.  We must be active and give of our time and talents to see our parish function effectively”

“Connection with each other”

“It is important to be actively involved in Parish Groups and Ministries, because that is how we answer our baptismal call of being disciples of Christ”


Bishop Pat O'Regan's Video Message

  pdf Warragul and Drouin Parish Brochure (2.56 MB)

  pdf Parish Groups and Ministries Form (385 KB)




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